Local Builders


Providing customers with expert services while helping the local community.
That's the Seascape difference.

Seascape’s sole focus is for local customers and our community. Customers can experience high quality work with our comprehensive and expert services, while at the same time know that they are helping their local community.

The company was set up by the Council as an alternative way to raise income to maintain local services for residents at the standards they expect. While budget cuts continue for local authorities across the UK, it was conceived that this would be a way to help protect front line services for the community while at the same time be able to offer their large and expert building and trade services to commercial customers.

If you require any of our specialist services, whether it be for commercial premises, school buildings or residential properties, then take comfort in the fact that you will receive the highest quality work and at the same time be supporting the local community. That’s the Seascape difference.